12 musketeers

This is dear to my heart. A passion project if you will. I selected 11 friends to join me in a quest of making a letterpress calendar for 2013. We are calling ourselves the 12 musketeers.

We were trained in battle at the School of Advertising Art. We mastered our respective weapons of design, and we have now came together to defend the honor of letterpress. I cannot think of a single more challenging project that was so exhausting and so rewarding all at once. My friend T was my closest ally and design confidant, without whom I would have lost my mind. So T, thank you for all you have been and all that you are.

The calendars are printed on 110lb cotton goodness paper, with two ink colors for the design and a third color for the dates on the bottom. There is a super neat variety of designs, styles and I cannot be more proud of the contributing designers.

In order of appearance:
Anthony Wartinger (anthonywartinger.com)
Shawn Green (halfwayokay.com)
Susan Jauss (susanjauss.com)
Linsey Free (linseyfree.com)
Candy Niemeyer (candyniemeyer.com)
Reka Juhasz (paperreka.com)
Jordan Katterheinrich (dribbble.com/ibringthedesign)
Curtis Estridge (curtisestridge.com)
Beth Morris (bethchasse.com)
Geoff Stump (geoffistheinter.net)
Chris Martin (chrismartinishis.name)
Emily Webb (emilywebb.org)

This is my blog and I am entitled to my own credits, right? I played creative director and letterpresser. Pretty web things were done by T. The print shop magic workers are (as always) Andrew (who gets so little credit, so here you go!), Candy, Emily and Beth. There is also a video in the works but more about that later.

We are going to clog every blog, instagram, facebook and twitter feed, so prepare yourself.
And for the love of all things paper—go buy yourself a pretty calendar here: http://12musketeers.com/

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