windmills in indianaOne of my favorite cities to visit is Chicago. (Give me a private jet though, and I will rewrite this post.) I’ve been there several times, done the tourists things, the casual hang out things, the visiting friends thing, and the occasional Ikea shopping thing (that’s where you sit on boxes of Bekvam on the way home for 5 hours. Thank goodness for the Ikea in West Chester).

Every time I go back, I just get more familiar with the sites, the streets, the stores. It feels big city enough that there is always more to explore but it never feels too far from the midwestern vibe that I have gotten accustomed to in Ohio.

So the real reason for the trip was to pick up a corner rounder.

paper diecut for rounding cornerspaper diecut for rounding corners

Super fun for future projects. Dies are expensive and this foot petal operated machine is the bomb. It will be paperreka-fied… the colors need to match the shop aesthetic, but that’s another story. So I was going to pick this tool up from RarRar Press, who happened to operate a booth at the local super awesome Renegade Craft Fair this very weekend. Coincidence? It was not. I planned it so I can soak in all these artists, letterpress shops, print makers, seamstresses, jewelers and so on. We ended up needing to ride back to RarRar’s shop to pick up the corner rounder, so I actually got to see her awesome new studio space and crazy cool collection of type. And RarRar is exactly as fun and much of a badass as I imagined from following her on instagram.

The craft fair itself was super crowded but very inspirational. Tons of letterpress print makers, which I was happy to see. Lots of very creative people working on presses. I gotta step up my game. I couldn’t resist a few prints, postcards, fun business cards, an earring and a magnet (which are not shown).

To top things off we also rented bikes in the city and biked around for a few hours. It was so much fun.

And the cherry on top of Sunday, before we left, was the visit to the Happy Show created and designed by Sagmeister.

sagmeister happy show

You do not have to be a geek or designer to enjoy well designed graphics about the facts Sagmeister has collected over time regarding people’s happiness. It was a fascinating show. Did you know that after basic life needs being met (food and shelter) studies show that money does not make you happier? $500K a year sure seems like a lot of money but more headaches are attached to it as well.

I am going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the exhibit: “to do something without any goal and without function has its own beauty. It’s the difference between a walk in the park and a commute. It’s the difference between art and design.”


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