Given the success of last year’s calendar project I was often asked if the musketeers would return for a second year. How could I say no? Then again, how could I say yes? First year perhaps people were just excited by this idea of a calendar collaboration project or perhaps they felt bad—like all of our parents who bought a calendar even with the F word promptly (and beautifully) hand-lettered in it. To be honest, I was terrified to do it again. I was terrified to pick new names or... Read The Rest →

Brad Vetter

Dear reader, and by dear reader I mean the 6 spam commenters who want to increase my website traffic, and the occasional friend who clicks on my blog link from facebook, because she is bored at work while spooning butternut squash soup into her mouth during lunch break. Now that I have all of your attention, let’s get to the super amazing topic of letterpress poster printing. I had the distinct pleasure meeting Brad Vetter TWICE in one week. Consecutive days, too! Do not spit out your soup. I know,... Read The Rest →

tall tales & thick lines

If you are a designer, you may already know that I am talking about Aaron Draplin. He hashtags his photos and work under the #thicklines “brand” on a daily basis. He came to Ohio to talk at saa and the following day he spoke at Cincinnati Design Week. I was pumped to go see him, because I have seen his videos online: why america is fucked and his tall tales longer posts to be more specific, and any guy that has that much attitude and is not afraid to curse... Read The Rest →


Two Saturdays ago I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Wright Brothers Wayzgoose in Dayton. It was so much fun. Not only we had local letterpress gurus from Carillon Park, but quite a few of us showed up from Cincy, Cbus and other neighboring cities. Erin was the perfect coordinator for this event. We had the letterpress shop open at Carillon Park, Scott Moore was rocking his pantograph, and a few of us swapped business cards, prints and random words of wisdom. My favorite person to meet was... Read The Rest →


It stands for cystic fibrosis: a genetic disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system. Someone I work with has a son who has it, and each year her and her hubby put on an awesome event in Dayton to raise money for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help fund a cure for this disease. So this year I letterpressed prints about and related to breathing for the auction. They were a hit. To do my part and help this amazing family, I decided to offer an extended sale, on... Read The Rest →


One of my favorite cities to visit is Chicago. (Give me a private jet though, and I will rewrite this post.) I’ve been there several times, done the tourists things, the casual hang out things, the visiting friends thing, and the occasional Ikea shopping thing (that’s where you sit on boxes of Bekvam on the way home for 5 hours. Thank goodness for the Ikea in West Chester). Every time I go back, I just get more familiar with the sites, the streets, the stores. It feels big city enough... Read The Rest →

workshop #1

The time has come. I am putting myself out there. It’s a scary feeling, but I have always said: my love for letterpress and its inner workings have always been something bigger than the jobs I print or the money I make. To me—it’s about the community of designers who are exposed to the craft, the newsbies who spin the flywheel for the first time making their first impression while squealing, and the endless possibilities of passion projects that I get to design or typeset. So with that said, I... Read The Rest →

ellen lupton

Sooo I lost my dot grid journal. I KNOW. It’s the worst news ever. Thankfully I just started this one, so the few things in them are still semi-fresh in my mind. Before I do forget the great speaker event I attended last week—I thought about jotting down what I can remember without notes here on the blog. So Ellen Lupton. Can we just take a time out and seriously consider what a rock star she is? -MFA program director at MICA -director for Center for Design Thinking -writer of... Read The Rest →

sign painters

A little while ago I went to see the Sign Painters documentary film. I was so pumped to go see cool dudes talk about a cool profession. I knew it was going to be an awesome documentary. What I did not know was how much the film’s overall message was going to ring true for me. One guy said that he didn’t choose sign painting—sign painting chose him. I often feel similar passion and attachment to my letterpress shop and all my babies in there… You know.. 100 year old... Read The Rest →


I never ever want to complain when I am busy. Sure, sleeping sounds so good 4am, but how could I possibly not want to be busy when I get to learn new techniques (edge painting anyone?) and work on cool identities, like this year’s students from the school of advertising art. Here are three pics of recent work from the shop.

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