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Sooo I lost my dot grid journal. I KNOW. It’s the worst news ever. Thankfully I just started this one, so the few things in them are still semi-fresh in my mind. Before I do forget the great speaker event I attended last week—I thought about jotting down what I can remember without notes here on the blog.

So Ellen Lupton. Can we just take a time out and seriously consider what a rock star she is?

-MFA program director at MICA
-director for Center for Design Thinking
-writer of several books: Thinking with Type is one you should know of/read/have
-AIGA gold medal recipient: highest honor given to a graphic designer or design educator

So when I heard she was coming to Columbus, I knew I had to go. Her presentation was laugh out loud funny, thought provoking and visually appealing. She talked about the place design has in the world, she talked about how we do not need to worry about the 99 cent logo designer competitions, and she talked about how design can be part of every day experiences—such as your food order and check out process at McDonalds versus Chipotle.

If you have a chance to see her talk, or attend her new exhibition, or buy her books—do it. I am a proud owner of her signature in my book now.

ellen lupton's signature on paperreka's book

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